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Wedding Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good wedding hairstyle for short hair?

    I'm getting married Jan. 19th :) I have a bob hair cut & my hair color is light brown. The wedding colors are purple & silver. I have a purple flower with feathers I want to wear in my hair. I'm having trouble finding short wedding hairstyles for some reason. Any ideas on hairstyles? Thanks :)

  2. Wedding hairstyles that are not overdone?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could provide links to pictures of wedding hairstyles that are not so common? I get tired of the same old bun or half up, half down stuff. I do want most of my hair down and curly, but if there's any way I can do something different and unique, that would be great! I do NOT however, want any hairstyles that are extremely wacky or weird looking. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you so much!

  3. Half up wedding hairstyles with both a tiara and a viel?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to have my wedding hairstyle (I'm a bride) hald up, half down, with curls on the bottom and a curled-looking bun on top, deep side part, and a tiara and viel. (Not tiara / viel comb--just one of each.) Both the tiara and viel have combs. Thanks for any pictures.

  4. What site can I go to that has a large gallery of wedding hair and makeup pictures?

    I've been to the more popular sites and I've found some things I like but I'm looking for more options. Usually when I google "wedding hairstyles" or "wedding makeup" I can cheesy websites with styles that look dated or for older women. Help is appreciated!

  5. What hairstyle should I do for farewell?

    I have blonde/golden hair its thick, layered and I have no bangs or fringes its very long down past my ribs near my bellybutton its for school and not "that" formal so nothing like wedding hairstyles or anything but still fancy.

  6. How should I do my hair for a wedding?

    I'm going to my 2nd cousin's wedding SOON and I'm only 12 (my sis's account) I need a quick, easy, yet formal wedding hairstyle. Help!

  7. How to do loose curls with a curling iron or leave-in curlers?

    I really would like to have something like this ---> http://www.weddinghairstyles.org.uk/wedding_hairstyles_pics/wedding_hairstyles_curls_01.jpg If you know ANY way without going to a stylist please help me! I have hair 3 in above my elbow (about) and it curls and straightens very easily. Help! Thanks in advance!

  8. Does anyone know of a website with pics of wedding hair ideas for long curly hair?

    I have long (slightly past shoulder length) curly brown hair. Without "product" the curl goes to just wavy, but with the help of Aveda Be Curly I get long, loose, ringlets that my Mom calls "bolongna curls". Anyway, I want to wear my hair down and curly for my wedding, probably with no veil, but possibly either with a tiara or flowers. Does anyone know of a website that has pics of different curly wedding hairstyles? I'm going to hair salons to "audition" hairdressers and I'd like to have some ideas to show them... Thanks so much :)

  9. I need some good website suggestions for wedding hairstyle photos?

    It doesn't have to be specifically for wedding hairstyles though. I have been to the knot, wedding channel, modern bride, and the matrix website, and haven't found what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? Hi Cupid thanks for the website, I will definitely check it out. Our wedding is in May...just around the corner, and my mom and I have been planning the whole thing. I had my hair done at a salon here in town and I walked out looking like the poster child for ringlets. My hair is fairly low maintenance, so I don't usually have it professionally done. I am also unable to tell them that it's just not me. I may have to do it myself, which is probably going to be a disaster the day of, because I will already be nervous, anal, crazy, all those things! Would love to hear about your plans..email me anytime: allcam23@verizon.net