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Latest Korean Hairstyle Haircut Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have suggestions or website pictures for short hairstlyes?

    I'm looking to cut my hair short and donate it but I'm having trouble finding a good hairstyle! I'm Korean with a very round face and a short forehead. As far as length... The shorter the better! My style is really classic, Audrey Hepburn-esque, but I'd be ok with any style haircut!

  2. latest korean hairstyles?![PWEEZE CLICK]?

    ok, ive been allowed to get a new haircut, and i want to do the latest korean hairstyles. ive tried looking on the internet, but i cant find any. T^T if u can, can u show me websites or photos that shows the latest korean hairstyles? im a girl, by the way :D thx!!!!!

  3. My friend wants a korean haircut?

    So he asked me to help him find korean hairstyles for guys for his new haircut. And i tried looking up on sites to how to cut it and what kind of hairstyles would look good on him. ... i couldn't find any sites... and we live in utah so there isn't a korean hairstylist here. Soo heres a pic of him: xD http://i51.tinypic.com/fwswv7.jpg He uses gel alot. But his hair length is long to around his neck, well almost. And i don't know which hairstyles will suit him and how to cut it. I was thinking of an asian mullet, but i think that would funny on him. Help please? Dx Ooops i mean, That would look funny on him*

  4. Need a new Haistyle! Help?

    I have red hair and its just parted in the middle And i want a new haircut for school i cant get a perm.(my mom wont let me) And my sister has side swept bangs and i dont wanna copy her. Any suggestions?

  5. Latest, Cute Korean (or at least Asian) hairstyle for girls...?

    I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. Right now I have long hair down to my chest, it's layered, and very straight, and I also have regular bangs. I had side bangs but I had it cut too short on accident, and people said it looked good on me so I kept them. But I'm looking for cute Korean hairstyles that are in style right now, that are long or medium length, for straight hair, and it can either be layered or not layered, and with bangs. A hairstyle that doesn't require curling my bangs every morning or anything like that. If there's not one specific hairstyle you can recommend, maybe you have a site for Asian/Korean hairstyles for girls?

  6. How can my daughter get this hair, as an Asian?

    I am a single ethnic Chinese mother, but my family has been around in in this country since the late Victorian age, so neither me or my daughter know how to speak our home language. Our family's culture is pretty much like an average white family's, but recently my daughter got interested in the contemporary culture of Asia and got into Korean pop music, and she saw very beautiful hairstyles of South Korean music artists. Before, she had been convinced she could not get hair more beautiful than her ethnic white friends, but after viewing the video she wants to get the hair of the BLONDE Asian girl in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmM04_OgajU I have no idea how to give her hair like this. I haven't come across how modern Asians get hair like this, so it came as a surprise to me how immaculate the hair is, but now she really wants it...how to get her hair to this colour and style?

  7. what to do with wide cheeks and big face?

    ok now i do sound a little conscious but i am american born chinese, but i have crazy wide cheeks and a fat face. so many people have told me i look like koreans. this bothers me SO MUCH because 1, i hate big faces, 2, i hate koreans with big wide cheeks. but after all, i get to have the face i hate. i work out a LOT, i have around 8% body fat and a lot of muscle, almost 8 pack. but my face looks like im fat and short. what should i do with my face? i actually think im very very ugly and dislike my face to extreme. i tried exercising and getting my self really skinny but it isnt worth losing all the muscle and its really hard to be super skinny. plastic surgeries a little too expensive for now, maybe later. but what else can i try? massages? different hairstyle? by the way i have asian spiky hair.

  8. How can i extreme makeover ( needs lots of girls opinion thanks!!!)with pic* help!!?

    1 .Should i get a new haircut? 2. Should i get color contact lenses? if yes which color suit me ranging from (blue, violet,green,grey and brown) 3.Should i slim down my face? to make it sharper? and i really don't know which is my best facial features i will be glad if you would tell me. 4.Should i go for piercing? if yes what kind of piercing should i go for etc ( eyebrow , snakebit... 5.Which category will you put me in Cute,handsome,average or ugly . 6. What is my ethnicity? Do I look like mixed? i am just an ordinary boy who just wants girls attention :) i asked this question quite a number of times i know this is irritating but I want different people opinions no offends yeah all helps will be well appreciated any rude remarks will also be accepted :) everyone has good and bad sides.i am gonna change my style base on some of the opinions here next few days later :) this are all my current pics me1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3673236378/ me 2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3673236368/ me 3 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3673236364/ me 4 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3673236358/ me 5 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3651492282/ me 6 http://www.flickr.com/photos/39171236@N06/3600589362/