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Short Hairstyle Pics Questions Answered!

  1. What is the best short emo hairstyle for a heart shaped head?

    I have pretty round heart shaped head. I'm gothic, obviously, and would like a short emo hairstyle that would be okay for blue or red hair extensions i cut and put in. Something that covers most of my face, preferably, because i love styles like that and enjoy my hair in my face. Please and thank you.. (please include pics (; )

  2. What kind of short haircut would go well with a round face shape?

    I was thinking about getting a pretty short hairstyle (sorta like an almost-pixie cut) but I wasn't sure which kind of cut would be compatible with the shape of my face (on the round side)

  3. Can any tell me some gd layerd hairstyles for me?

    Looking for a short not to short layerd hairstyle for men. pics or a gd description.