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Short Hairstyle Images Questions Answered!

  1. What is a good short hairstyle for a teen?

    I am 15 years old and I like to keep my hair pretty short? What hairstyle should I get?

  2. What short hairstyles are in/do you think are cute?

    I bought a magazine, but I only found like two or three I liked. I was thinking about getting a pixie but leaving two strands in the front-kinda' like a bob. What short hairstyles are in/do you think are cute?

  3. Guys i got quite short hair around a number 6 at the moment i would say. I want to get a good short hairstyle.?

    I got around a number 6 hair at the moment. I want a good short hairstyle. What do i say to get a good short one? 4 all over with a box? or 4 on top 2 on the side? Any ideas?

  4. What hairstyle/fringe suits a person with a long pointy nose?

    My nose is big and pointy and my current medium short hairstyle makes it stand out allot from the side and face to face and i obivoulusly dont want to be advertising the worst feature of my face so what hairstyle suits people with a big pointy nose

  5. How do I tell my hairstylist?

    I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I want it to look like selena gomez's new short hairstyle. Does anyone know where I can get pictures of it?