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Rihanna Short Hairstyle Questions Answered!

  1. Do people still wear Rihanna short hairstyles?

    I want my hair cut like Rihanna, but I don't wanna be out of style, so do people still wear her short hairstyles?

  2. Do people still wear Rihanna short hairstyles?

    I want to get my hair cut like Rihanna, but I don't want to be out of style so do people still wear her short hairstyles?

  3. How much would it cost for the short Rihanna hairstyle?

    I am a college kid juggling finances and my hair is a damaged mess. How much would it cost at a LOCAL salon to get the haircut in this picture http://celebsalon.sheknows.com/short-hairstyles/rihannas-short-sleek-chic-hairstyle/

  4. What pixie cut is best for heart shaped faces?

    At the moment, my hair is similar to my avatar's. I'm looking for a radically new and different hairstyle. I've had purple hair, blue hair, scene/emo hair, but never a classic pixie. I would love to have the haircut that Rihanna has. http://www.hair.becomegorgeous.com/celebrity_hair/rihanna's_new_short_hairstyle:_the_pixie_cut-256.html thanks!

  5. Can anyone suggest some hairstyles for my awkward self, please?

    My hair from about mid-way is completely damaged from excessive dying so I'm looking for a much shorter hairstyle to get rid of it all. I'm not really one face shape, I'm a mix between rectangle & round shaped face. I have a cowlick at the front of my hairline, so I can't have a full fringe. I also have a double crown to consider. My cheeks are a little chubby and I have quite large eyes if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.

  6. How do you tell the stylist i want to get a haircut like this?

    http://www.quixoticpixels.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Rihanna-short-hairstyles-2011-2.jpg and does anyone know how it looks like in the front ??

  7. How Can I Get My Hair To Grow Faster?

    I am mixed black, white and indian. I cut my hair off last year to a rihanna short cut and it has only grown alittle bit since then. My hair use to be down my back and now its to my shoulders. How can I get it to grow faster and longer?

  8. What is a nice short hairstyle for girls?

    I have an oval face and a rather high forehead so finding a good hairstyle is really difficult.Please recommend one that is of "low-mainteance" coz Im still attending school and it should not be too fancy.

  9. What do u call the hairstyle that is longer at the front?

    Similar to Rihannas hairstyle, where its shorter at the back and the front is longer and comes around the face?