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Short Hairstyle Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. More layers or just shorter style for thick hair with unflattering waves?

    I have layered hair with slight waves in the hair in front. Their the kind of waves that are NOT at the right place and they look ridiculous. Not even a straightening iron could straighten them STRAIGHT. Right now, the shortest layer is shoulder length and the longest layer is a bit below my shoulders. Should I get more layers or go for a shorter hairstyle? Pictures would very much be appreciated! thank you! I'm 15 with a round face and I don't want a bob cut. Thanks again!

  2. Any nice medium short hairstyles pictures like rihanna?

    I wanna get my hair cut, something similiar to rihanna new hairstyles, is there any nice medium short hairstyles pictures? kindly include the links please, thanks =)

  3. How long does your hair have to be to get a sew in weave?

    my hair is this length jut on the sides the very last pic at the bottom. can it be done?..or wait longer for it to grow out? http://www.hairstyledigest.com/top-3-rihanna-short-hairstyle-pictures/