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Hair Braiding Styles For Children Questions Answered!

  1. What do you think about my resume? How can I make it better?

    OBJECTIVE I am seeking a position where I can utilize my skills and experience while continuing to grow professionally EDUCATION Queens Academy of the Outreach Program September 2001-January 2003 High School Diploma Queens Vocational and Technical H.S. September 1998 - June 2001 Major: Business QUALIFICATIONS Communications •Greeted potential and existing barbershop clients •Answered high volume of telephone calls for barbershop •Scheduled appointments for barbershop clients •Acted as translator when needed with Spanish speaking clients •Worked closely with clients in barbershop ensuring their satisfaction Computers •Updated patient records into hospital system •Knowledge of Microsoft Word, and Photo Studio •Typing speed a minimum of 50 wpm Management •Maintained flow of clients during barbershop business hours •Assisted with setting up and preparation of child care activities •In charge of maintaining play areas in a clean and safe condition for children in child care program •Provided continuous supervision to children •Assisted with training new barbershop employees Creative Projects •Specialized in the art of hair braiding •Styled hair for clients •Created hair designs for clients •Developed website profiles as advertisement for braiding work •Constructed a book used as a style guide for clients EXPERIENCE Hair Braider, Corona Barbershop Plus, Jackson Heights, NY October 2003 - Present Hair Braider, Finess Barbershop, Corona, NY May 2001- August 2002 Data Entry Clerk, Elmhurst Hospital, Elmhurst, NY September 1999 – April 2000 Child Care Assistant, Our Lady of Sorrow Church, Corona, NY June 1999 – August 1999 REFERENCES References are available upon request

  2. How do I keep my daughters hair from getting so tangled?

    my daughter is 3 and African American. (I am white, she is adopted) I am just wondering if anyone knows of any good products out there to help her hair not get so tangled up and not so dry. If I get it all combed out, by the next day it is tangled up again very bad. Thanks for your help! Any advice on good products would be helpful!

  3. My hair is short and damaged from chemical relaxers how can I save my hair?

    I have been getting my hair chemically relaxed since I was a child but six months ago suffered bad chemical burns. I stopped relaxing my hair and began to get braids to allow my hair to recover now I would like to style my hair again but don't know the best course of action. Furthermore, I would like to stop getting the braids because I feel as if they are breaking my hair off even further.

  4. What is the name for the hair accessory that runs across the back of the head?

    It's like hair jewelry, or a hair chain, like what you see in Roman style or on the show Spartacus. I want to find the name so I can run searches to buy them online. Or if you have links, I'd appreciate that. Thanks!

  5. Whats an effective way to keep my hair healthy?

    As a child i had beautiful curly hair, and around the age of 9 i had my mom relax my hair, i want my natural hair back but dont want to cut my hair off. I watch for my ends for trimmimg and i condition my hair once a week, also i used to wash and condition my hair every 2 weeks ... Any pointers?

  6. What should I wear for my 7th grade year?

    Im an only child and I don't have ANYone but my mom to help me shop! I need help! I love scarves and flowy shirts, skinny jeans and boots for winter. But for summer I wear neon shirts, my hair in a braid, jean shorts and converse. DO U HVE ANY GOOD WEBSITES? Like Tilly's, or forever 21?!? I need fashion help!

  7. How can i make my 18month old daughters hair softer we are Africans and her hair is so coarse !?

    I find it very difficult to comb and plait, it tangles so much especially if i have left it unplaited for a while, she cries a lot when we want to make the hair. Her hair is long and i have never cut it, i also dont intend to i bought Just for me relaxers but she is still too young to use that any one with suggestions about how i can soften her hair without hurting her?

  8. Would a texturizer be good for a mixed girls hair?

    My niece is 5 years old and she is mixed with hispanic and black. Her hair is very thick, curly,frizzy and no one knows what to do. It won't stay in a hairstyle. We've tried braids and everything. Her hair just curls up and gets frizzy right after it's done. Is a texturizer good or anything else?

  9. Are hair chalks any good for temporary colour?

    I've seen a few videos on YouTube explaining how to use them on your hair, but not sure if they are worth the money. How long does the colour stay in and does the colour bleed onto skin or fabric?