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Hair Braiding Styles For Men Questions Answered!

  1. How much does it cost to get my hair braided?

    My hair is pretty long goes to mid back and i want to get my hair braided how much is it for diffrent styles like: Micro Braids, Invisible braids, senegalese twist, kinky twist, Nubian twist, individual, Men twist, Flat twist, cornrows, and weave? Thanks any prices for the above items would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Where can i find a website that show different styles of braiding?

    ok, my man likes to get his hair braided every week. he is tired of the same ol same old, where can i find somethig 2 check this out!

  3. What type of ponytails have you seen men use?

    I've been wearing my long hair in a ponytail for a while now... and recently I started having it braided and like the way it looks. I've been glancing around now trying to find a good site that shows various styles that men with long hair have put there hair up, but I've had no luck. Does anyone know such a site? With various lists of braids and such that look good on men?

  4. Individual braids for men instead of dreadlocks?

    I want to get dreadlocks but its going to be stinky as i have been told and is a pain in the butt to get it off is there a individual braid style for men that would look like dreads?

  5. I'm curious, what type of hair styles do white women prefer on black men?

    I've always wondered what type of hair styles white women prefer on black men. Are braids a turn off? Fros? Thanks people

  6. Black women: What hair styles do you prefer on black men?

    Clean-cut or braids? Completely bald or dreads? BQ: Do you think a Goatee is attractive or not? Forgot to add the legendary Afro.

  7. How do I grow my hair out?

    I have always had lowcut hair. I want to get some longer hair so that I can experiment with different styles. Hairstyles for black men with long hair is greatly appreciated.

  8. What are some good hair styles for black guys?

    I don't like my hair bald but is there any new styles i can have right now i'm starting an afro but any suggestions ?

  9. Why does my girlfriend always have a different hair style?

    She puts her hair in curls, crimps it, braids it in different ways, puts in pony tails, etc. Why does she do a different hair style everyday?