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Natural Hair Braiding Styles Questions Answered!

  1. How do I become a natural hair stylist in Atlanta?

    I want to work with natural hair. Braids, Weaves, Dreads, etc. How do I get started as a Natural Hair Stylist in the state of Georgia? Do I have to go to cosmetology school? Do I have to get some sort of certificate? Is there any particular school in the Atlanta area that you would suggest for learning about natural hair? Thanks in advance for all of your info :)

  2. Will the Big Chop really help my hair grow faster and healthier and Natural?

    i know its the best way to go natural. My hair barely grows or it does but breaks off just as fast; i have a history of doing ALOT of relaxers and one perm and hair braiding styles and now i have BAD, DAMAGED HAIR. my hairline has even gotten bad because of a hairstyle i did. IF I GET THE BIG CHOP and go natural which i REALLY would love to have, will my hair start to grow faster and healthier with the type of bad hair i have now??? PLEASE HELP and no facetious answers!

  3. I am african american and I want my hair to grow over the summer, should I get braids?

    Different people have been telling me different things. Like one lady who specializes in braids said get braids of course, and another said get my regular hair cared for ever 2 weeks, but I work out a lot and my natural hair is not really my friend with all the constant washing. What do you guys think? Should I braid it or get my natural hair done only to wash it out shortly after? And if you think braids which style is best for working out?

  4. Do you need a license to braid legally in the state of Georgia?

    Trying to get into natural hair styling. Help me out! I'm currently trying to building up a loc clientele but I want to expand my horizons.

  5. Black women, how do I style my natural hair with straw curls?

    I have very long, very thick natural hair. Normally, I style my hair in braids, but I decided to let my hair breathe for a while. I didn't want to wear my regular afro, so I would appreciate any tips on styling my hair this way. I know that I need straws, but what else do I need? How long can it typically take to style? If you could provide a link with how-to instructions, that'd be great. Thanks!

  6. How to put my natural hair into a bun?

    I'm a teen with natural hair. I think my main hair type is 4b with 4a in the crown. However I always do a braid-out after I wash my hair before trying to do any style, that way doing different styles are a lot easier since I have stretched, defined curls. I have moderately long natural hair (shoulder length when curly, armpit length when straightened). I already know how to properly put my hair up for a bun. I smooth down the edges and pull it up into a banana clip. My problem is that I have no idea how to actually form the ponytail into a bun. Some parts of the ponytail are more stretched and wavy, whereas other parts are curlier and thus are not as stretched. I don't know WHAT to do. Please don't suggest a hair donut either, I have one but I prefer not to use it.

  7. How to style my twist out (Natural Hair)?

    My hair is thick...I mean REALLY thick. And coarse. I've recently transitioned from relaxed to natural hair over the past year. Before I was just getting my hair braided, but I've decided to start twisting it and wearing it that way. With my hair being so thick its hard for me to style it any other way than just untwisting it and rocking a curly fro. Does anyone have any tips and ideas I could use; preferably a way to actually go about styling my twist out? I'd be ever so grateful!

  8. What are the best styles for transitioning to natural hair?

    ok I'm removing my relaxer and I need some help! I wash my hair once a week and I'm using natural hair products. the thing is I don't like weaves or braids so what can I do to style my hair? oh and something that needs little or no heat oh I haven't had a relaxer since august

  9. How can I straighten my hair without using a straightner?

    I am going on a school trip and they don't allow any hair dryers, flat irons, or curling irons. I HATE my natural hair so i am not willing to wear my natural hair down. I also am not willing to wear it in a ponytail, braids or any other style like that everyday. PLEASE HELP ME! MY TRIP IS IN A WEEK!