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Hair Braiding Styles For Kids Questions Answered!

  1. How should I put my long hair up this summer to keep cool, without causing it damage?

    I have fairly long hair, it goes midway down my back (bra strap), and it it quite thick both in texture and quantity. In the winter it's great because it acts like a scarf keeping my neck and shoulders warm, but in the summer it's terrible because it acts like a scarf keeping my neck and shoulders warm. I know that constant ponytails aren't the best daily-style choice because of breakage. I try to do buns held up with the really big octopus style clips rather than a pony but I'm starting to get too much hair for even those to hold. I recently purchased some of the twirly hair pins but they don't seem to stay in well when I'm out running around with my kids or am at the gym. I'll say right now that I can't braid my own hair, I've tried and tried and it just doesn't work. For my kids, sure no problem, I can do all sorts of elaborate braids and styles. For myself, just ain't gonna happen. Are there any other style products (clips, pins, etc) that I can use that don't cause damage? This Minnesota born and breed girl needs all the help she can get surviving her 6th Tennessee summer. Here's a little background that might held you out: I am a white girl with red hair, it's natural texture is frizzy with a few random spiral curls underneath the frizz. All the breakage/damage that my hair has accumulated is from the sun or pony holders, not so much my daily routine. I have never colored or chemically straightened my hair. I only wash my hair 1 or 2x a week and I use L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Hair hasn't grown back in about 9 years due to mixture of relaxer and chlorine. What are my alternatives?

    About 9 years ago, I got a relaxer after going swimming (stupid, I know, but I was an irresponsible kid who didn't care anything about my hair at the time or realize the consequences my actions could have). Long story short, the relaxer was left in my hair far too long, plus the chlorine was still there from the day before. So almost half of it ended up falling out and staying that way. I tried steroid shots about a year or so after the incident. Nothing. I tried natural remedies (peppermint oil, massaging, etc.). Nada. At the time, I actually had plenty of hair to cover the huge spot, but I got tired of wearing afro puffs, awkward braids, and other cover-up styles so I shaved it all off. Now I'm in a wig; I'm happier with a wig than with what I had, but I do want my hair back eventually. I don't even want a lot of hair. I've grown to love short natural looks and only want just enough to fill in the bald areas. I've looked at alternatives, but many of them seem to be about as good as a wig. So far, it looks like hair replacement surgery is my only real option for getting my own hair back. It's expensive, and I've heard it's very painful (mainly the recovery process). Also, unless my life's in danger, I'd like to avoid going under the knife. Is there anything I'm missing? Perhaps something I haven't tried? It's been 9 years, so I'm obviously in no rush. I'm open to suggestions. For growth I've tried using tea tree oil, this cayenne pepper solution (natural ingredients, but I don't remember all of them), and pepperment oil. For moisture, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and giovanni direct leave-in conditioner. I wash and condition pretty frequently (at least once per week). The rest of my hair grows like crazy. I'm pretty sure that my problem is that my follicles were damaged when that mixture of relaxer and chlorine burned my hair out. When I went to the dermatologist who gave me the steroid shots after the incident, she pretty much said if the shots didn't help at all, my follicles were probably damaged beyond repair. On a side note: Has anyone ever tried CTHR (Cosmetic Transdermal Hair Replication)? I know it seems a little out there, but I'm considering it since I don't want my hair to be very long anyway. It's considerably cheaper that FUE and is non-surgical. Pros? Cons?

  3. What is the best way to take care of african american natural hair without having to rock dreads or an afro?

    Only been natural for 10 months. My hair was never thick enough to do an afro, even before relaxers. It hangs naturally. It is light brown, very dry, and reaches my shoulders. I don't like dreads for me.

  4. What different things can I do with my daughters hair?

    My daughters are mixed (half black) so I would like help from African American woman, but anyone is entitled to answer. I am not yet that good at corn rows so I need some other styles to put in their hair. I do box braids, but I'm getting tired of that. If you know of websites, that would also be great. Thank you.

  5. How can I wear my hair with a center parting?

    I usually straighten my hair, and then every time I center part it, the hair on either sides ends up looking like a mop and it makes me look stupid. I have a fringe but it grew out so it reaches around my chin, and the top of my head looks like its sticking up or messy. Any advice?

  6. What products should i use on biracial hair?

    I need some advice and suggestions because my little girl has very dry curly hair and we always have a temper tantrum about getting her hair done. What type of products should i use on her hair? How often should i wash her hair?

  7. What are the pros and cons of hair chalking?

    I want to highlight my hair but I first want to know the pros and cons of hair chalking. I've heard hair chalking dries out your hair, but since i have naturally silky hair will some of the texture come back. Also since i have black hair (dark brown in the sun) will the color show.

  8. what are some cute hair styles that are really different yet still cute?

    I am really colorful and I love acting like a little kid I mean there's no rush it growing up right!? (: so I need some cute hairstyles for back to school. Im going to be a sophomore. Yeah but yeah anywhos! I already put my hair in two buns just behind my ear. Its really cute and I love it but I need more ideas! Not straight, or curly, or half up, or braided, or pigtails! Like cute out of the ordinary stuff but not super weird.

  9. How should I wear my hair for a wedding as a junior bridesmaid?

    My aunt is having a wedding and she asked me to be a part of it at a junior bridesmaid but I don't know how I should style my hair. I have brown, long, dark hair. I need kind of a kids look. Not an adult look. But it needs to look pretty. Er, beautiful. This is my first wedding to be a part of and I need some help with how to style my hair... Please help!

  10. What are some cute girl kid hair styles?

    My 10 year old cousin was asking me about hairstyles her hair is black long and curly she flat irons it alot side bangs and she is tired of the ponytail.