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Black Hair Braiding Styles Questions Answered!

  1. Where do find images of different styles of Black Hair braids?

    I am thinking of wearing braids this summer, because my hair can't stand the humidity (I live in the South). I need some pictures of hair braids that I think I would like to try. I am looking for some websites, magazines, whatever you can find.

  2. white girl wants black braids, where to start?

    I have always admired black hair, especially braids and beads. But I am white and have smooth, straight, thick brown hair. I want to incorporate "add-on" braids (maybe corn-rowed) into an edgey short haircut, but can't find a photo gallery online to search for a style that I like. Once I have that, I think I can go to any stylist specializing in braids, right? Should I hold off cutting my hair too short until I find just the right look? Does anyone specialize in caucasion/black fusion hairstyles?

  3. What are some easy hair styles you think look great?

    I need i great hair styles that looks great for when ever. Plus i am going to Florida and i need a hair styles by the pool and beach. what would look good with a blue bikini, green one, black white and pink ones.

  4. How to get strong healthy black hair?

    I want to know how to get really good healthy black hair? I use a relaxer every 6-7 weeks. I wash my hair every week, and use a good conditioner. I never seem to get strong hair. I have a little breakage on my edges. Can anyone help me?

  5. How do you describe a Black person's Hair?

    I used to tell them it looked like black cotton, (but that didn't score me too high on the friendship ladder). It does though, and I was only being truthful. What do you think is the best style to wear black hair? Do funny braids or an Afro, or a shaved head look better to you? Does that kind of hair provide padding?. Say if a black football player had an Afro and then put a helmet on over that, would that make the impact softer? Or, If someone was evolved to have kinky hair to protect their head, then wouldn't it be foolish to shave your head? Would that only make your skull more vulnerable? Just don't tell me Black hair is exactly like white hair, because it truly isn't.

  6. Natural hair, Girls can you help me suggest and idea on any braidstyles I can use for school?

    I know school has not started yet but I still would like to know what hairstyle, a hair protectant style, or braid style should I use to protect my hair because I plan on keeping it natural throughout the whole summer and school year. I am black with kinky I guess you could say and really coily hair. I can't get relaxers because the ends of my hair are straight.

  7. How should I do my hair if i am wearing kahaki pants white shirt and black flats with glitter?

    I want my hair braided but how in which style with human hair box braids i don't know i need this answer before school opens please somebody give me an answer

  8. What are some natural hair products that grow black hair?

    Over the pst year my hair has grown and I don't want it to break off. I heard that hair products that contain petrolatum and mineral oil is bad for your hair because it clogs your scalp and prevents your hair from growing. Most products have petrolatum and mineral oil, but does anybody know any natural oils that can help grow black hair?

  9. Why do SOME black women talk about how nappy their natural hair is?

    But then go get fake hair and get it styled in BRAIDS. THEY COULD DO THAT WITH THEIR REGULAR HAIR! I think natural black hair is beautiful and THEY can do SO MUCH with their natural hair. Also, black hair grows MUCH faster when it is left in its natual state.