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Older Mens Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. Will a businessman cut look good on a 14year old guy?

    i want to get the businessman cut but i have heard its for people who work and all but i wasnt gonna make it really short but a little bit like the pic below of charlie sheen http://www.thehairstyler.com/mobile/mens-hairstyles/casual/short/straight/charlie-sheen would it look good on a 14year old if not what else is a good haircut like charlie sheens ??

  2. what is a good website for a how to guide on mens different hairstyles?

    or pics of hairstyles with the names of them at the bottom.

  3. What is this hairstyle called and what are some hairstyles for medium hair?

    I am a 14 year old guy and I have medium hair I want to try some hairstyles other than the "natural look." I also need to know if this hairstyle has a name to it - http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Trendy-hair-cuts-for-men.jpg

  4. How should I cut or style my hair?

    I'm 17, just graduated high school and i'm a guy. I've had the same haircut for pretty much the past 8 years or so, except for a few months in between where I went short. Currently it's wavy and probably medium thickness. I wear it to the side, almost like a justin beiber type, but my hairs thicker. I want to cut it short, or shorter, as i'm going to college in a month and a half and just want to try something new. How should I get it cut, or how should I wear it that'll look the best? Also, I have a baby face, so i want it to make me look older.

  5. What hairstyle would look good on me?

    Ok, so I'm 15 years old and im a guy. I wear thick framed glasses and my hair is brown and so are my eyes. My hair is dark brown and so are my eyes. Idk if it would help but I have a kinda big nose haha.

  6. What are some good hairstyles for a 13 year old boy.?

    I have brown hair and I like the whole short good looking attractable hairstyle.I am thinking of more messy or real short and spiked in the front but I think I want to move on cause everyone is starting to "spike the front" Ive thought about a short hair and leave it as that but idk 8th grade year wanna keep things sharp looking. I want shirt hair hairstyle ideas no long hair please...I'm 5'2 brown eyes if that hells thanks.