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Prom Hairstyles Updo Questions Answered!

  1. what are some hairstyle ideas for a wedding?

    i'm the bridesmaid and I was wondering what I should do with my hair I can't have it all the way down. my hair is pretty long. I don't really like those prom hairstyle updos. any help?

  2. does anyone know of any websites for prom hairstyle updos?

    does anyone know of any really good websites for prom hairstyles. i want a curly updo or any other updo. please help.

  3. How should I have my hair done for prom?

    I have bangs that are below my eyebrows and can't be side swept. Unfortunately all the pics I find for proms hairstyles with bangs are side swept. I want something that looks nice, but not super fancy, and I want my bangs down. The only pics i'v found so far that come close to matching that is some with hair down and curled. If any one knows some other styles or has pics pls tell me, proms tomorrow! XD Thx!

  4. What are good prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

    Hello! I'm going to be doing my sister's hair for prom, and I don't have any ideas for cute styles for her hair. Her hair is about shoulder length and she doesn't have any layers or bangs or anything. It's just straight cut. Does anyone have any tips for something cute I can do with it? Pictures would be great!

  5. Where can i find prom hairstyles, preferably half updos?

    I'm looking for a website with pics of prom hairstyles. I want to get some ideas for a half updo. Any suggestions, please give them. Or if anyone has pics of their own cute 'prom do' & doesn't mind sharing them, i would also appreciate that! THANKS!

  6. What are cute hairstyles i can do for my 9year old sister in a pageon winner memorial day parade?

    my sister is 9years old with medium dirty blond hair. she won a miss junior beauty pageon, and is in the memorial day parade tom. what pictures, designs, hairstyles,updo's, directions, can i do with her hair that looks cute? and it's ok if it's hard to do i can figure it out, it needs to look really nice, and she is wearing a white dress, with a tiara.