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Pictures Of Prom Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. know a good site to find pictures of prom hirstyles?

    i need to find a site to look at pictures with prom hairstyles, please reply if you know any good ones.

  2. Can someone help me find the best down and long hairstyle for prom?

    Whether it is on a celeb or a model, can someone find me pictures of a down and long prom hairstyle?

  3. What are some ways I can do my hair for formal/prom?

    I'm looking for something elegant, preferably either partly raided, curled or up, but any ideas will be great. I have thick, long dark brown hair with no fringe. Any pictures of ANY formal/prom hairstyle you like or any ideas at all would be great. I have no idea what I want and only a few weeks to go, so that would be great. If you want any additional info just say the word. Makeup tops/hints would be appreciated to. Thanks!

  4. What website is the best to go to for prom hairstyles?

    Heyy ppl. I'm tryin to find hairstyles for my prom in May but I'm not having much luck. I want to have an updo kinda style but I don't know what website to go to. My hairstylist needs a picture of what I want. Anyone have a good website with prom up-do hairstyles? Thanks.

  5. How should I do my hair for prom?

    Okay so prom is in exactly 2 weeks from tonight. I have everything ready except for a hairstyle. I've looked for a few do-it-yourself prom hairstyles on youtube and I found a few but I want a few more ideas. My dress has an exposed lace up back and that's the part I want to show off. Also my hair is quite long, has layers and I have side swept bangs. You can submit pictures if you like. Thanks

  6. What hairstyles and accessories should i wear with my dress?

    My prom is 5 weeks from now and I don't know how my hair should be. I have semi long straight brown hair and I want a hairstyle that would complement my dress. I also need to know which accessories would look good with my dress, i would want a simple, thin, rhinestone headband. here is my dress C:\Users\Rebecca\Pictures\prom dress.jpg pictures and links of hairstyles and accessories would help a lot.

  7. Does anyone have any prom hairstyle pictures?

    Ok, so my prom is this Friday night, and I'm deciding how to do my hair. I'm wearing a long dress (floor length), and I have shoulder length straight dark brown hair (if that helps). My friend's Mom, who is a hairdresser, is doing it for me, and she told me to bring in pictures of how I want it done. Does anyone have any websites of good prom hairstyles? Thanks!

  8. What hairstyle will match a round face ?

    Does anyone have any ideas for a prom hairstyle for a round face shape ? My hair is just below my shoulders and wavy, my bangs are pushed to the side and are almost long enough to tuck behind my ears. if you have any suggestions please contact me or post a comment with a link or picture. My hair is a dark brown. =]