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Black Prom Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What look should i do with this prom dress?

    I have a black floor length, skin tight black prom dress that flares out slightly below kness for prom. It ia a halter nick and i would like to know what hairstyle would suite a black, floor length halter neck dress. I was thinking about a bun, but i am not sure. Please help!!

  2. Can Anyone show me a website where i can pick a certain prom hairstyle?

    i'm medium-dark and have coca brown hair... however i was planning to dye my hair jet black for prom and was thinking on something like kimmora lee simmons do. (long, black, wavy) but i can seem to find anything..... pictures or even a step by step way can help. Muchisimo Gracias... ciao

  3. What kind of hair style should i have for prom?

    I am going to wear a strapless black/pink prom dress. It is form fitting down to the hips. However, I cannot find a hairstyle I like. I have light brown hair a little longer than shoulder length. Could someone help please?

  4. How can i accessorize my black prom dress?

    I got a black dress for prom. It's a long black dress, it's has 3 medium size black flowers on the my right shoulder...and its a one should too. And i have cute pink strap pump shoes that look really good with it. I just don't know what jewelry to wear with it...or my hairstyle. Can you guys please help me?! (: thanks..........

  5. What are some good websites for prom hairstyles?

    I am going to get it done - I'm not doing it myself. So I just need pictures to show the lady. Also, my dress is all black and goes to the floor. Any makeup pictures would be great as well!

  6. Where can I find pictures of Traditional Asian Hairstyles?

    Maybe this will seem odd to some, but I bought a black Qipao for prom this year. All I am missing is hair style ideas. Please help! Pictures and links would be greatly appreciated. =] Thank you in advance!

  7. Does any body have any prom hairstyles for a black girl?

    I need some hairstyles because i don't know what to do with my hair . i want it to look Elegant.

  8. Prom hairstyles or updos for really long hair?

    I have really long fine black asian hair that goes pass my butt and I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to leave my hair down because my hair is black and so is my dress. My dress is a tube top dress. Any ideas on curling it into some sort of updos or half updos? Pictures, if possible. Thanks!

  9. What is the best website for prom hairstyles?

    I'm looking for a cute hairstyle for prom. I have shoulder length hair so i need something that will work with that. Im also wearing a strapless dress.not to be racist but for black people please

  10. What are some cute hairstyles besides ponytail?

    I have medium length, wavy, black dyed hair with kinda long side bangs. For the past 2 weeks of school i have worn it in a ponytail. I can straighten it but that is a lot of work. I want it to be kinda quick too. Any ideas?