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Prom Hair Styles For Medium Hair Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find some beautiful pictures or ideas for a prom updo hairstyles?

    I want to know what web site to find some updo medium hair styles for the prom on may 5,2006. So please help me. And if you could help me find some salons in east memphis in memphis tennessee.

  2. Does anyone know of any easy prom hair styles?

    I have medium length hair, two different (one large, one small) curling irons, and a straightener. I have about every hair tie and clip imaginable. I'd like to leave most of my hair down, and I'd like for the hair style to be something that I can do myself. Anyone have any suggestions? Pictures, directions, and a list of things that would be needed are greatly appreciated. Pictures aren't necessarily needed though. Thanks in advance!

  3. What would be the best prom hair style for my hair type?

    I have medium length hair. It's kinda thick and naturally curly, but i usually straighten it. My prom is coming up next weekend and i can't decide on a good hairstyle and i want to wear it either all down or half up half down. Any suggestions? Pictures would be helpful! Thanks(:

  4. What would be a nice prom hair style?

    I need a nice hair style for prom, but I don't want it to be so exagerated I just want it to be nice and simple.

  5. What are some cute hair styles for 13 year old girls?

    I have shoulder length hair,its blonde and really want to get it cut short. I have super thick hair andd it is very wavy... if you can ... Try to put pictures in so i can print them out and show to my stylist!

  6. How should I do my prom makeup & hair?

    I have dark brown hair & medium brown eyes. Big eyes, full lips but bad bone structure, I also have a beige skintone with bronze undertones. I have a black & cream colour dress. I also have chest length hair. What colours would go nicely with my dress & skin ? & what hair style would go nicely with it ?

  7. What hair style will look good for my prom?

    It's an A line strapless dress and it's like a corset to the top and at the bottom it's trumpet style. My hair is like medium length and kinda wavy. Any suggestions? (And should i wear one of those tiara's? My dress has a lot of workings on it too so i don't want to look too over the top) Btw i failed to mention i hve bangs (cuz my forehead isn't all that small lol)

  8. What kind of prom dress would look best on me?

    What kind of prom dress would look best on me? Prom is coming up and i need to get a dress. I don't know what type/color/fit of dress would look best on me, though. I have long, straight medium blonde hair that is past my waist and green/blue eyes.My skin is medium, but I'll get a tan before prom. I'm 5' 6'' and my measurements are 36-28-35. Please help, I need to find the perfect prom dress! Hair and makeup ideas are welcome, too!

  9. What hair style would look good with this dress?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Gothic-Lolita-Dress-New-Yellow-Cosplay-Ball-Gown-Made-/130493960478 that is the dress i am getting for prom. i have medium-short hair. i was thinking about putting my hair in a pin-curl pompadour but im not sure if that style would work for that dress. my hair doesnt look good curled and i was looking for something different. any suggestions?

  10. How should I wear my hair for prom?

    I'm having a bit of an issue trying to decide how I should wear my hair to my junior prom. I have a medium hair length and my dress is also strapless. Any suggestions? I want to look pretty and classy, but not done up like a princess