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2013 Prom Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. How can I do my hair like this for prom?

    http://hairstylesnews.edublogs.org/files/2013/03/Prom-Hairstyles-2013-1ytcqqq.jpg My hair is dark and about down to my ribcage. How can I achieve this? Thank you xx

  2. What is an elegant way to wear my hair for prom?

    I don't really want to wear my hair up for prom, though some up-do's are gorgeous. I just don't feel like I would look right in one. I want to wear my hair down, or half up half down and I need some opinions on hairstyles? Can I have opinions please?

  3. Suggestions on what to wear to prom?

    At my school, they only have senior proms. However, if you are a junior, sophomore, etc. and a senior invites you to prom, you are allowed to come. Apparently, the tradition is that only graduating people should wear the long dresses. One of my friends, who is in grade 12, invited me to prom with him. I really have no idea what to wear. I want to go for a simple and pretty prom style dress. I'm also not a hair and make up person. I want to do something nice with my hair (it is just past my waist). I'm planning for a natural look with little or no make up at all. Maybe a little bit of concealer and mascara, but nothing heavy. Any suggestions?

  4. So I always straighten my hair to school and I want to do something different to my hair on Graduation?

    So as I said I don't want to straighten it but I don't want to tie it up either. So What other things can I do with a 1/2 in flat iron and a 1 in Straightener. PS I don't want to curl it.

  5. Hair and makeup ideas for my first day of high school?

    I have long hair. What's a good way to wear it for my first day of high school? I also need advice on my makeup. Be as detailed as you can and please include pictures for both hair ideas and makeup looks. Thank you!

  6. How to feel and look more confident for prom?

    I know everyone says: "you have to love yourself before you expect others to love you" and, "confidence is beauty" But I've never been confident in my looks. I have very small boobs, a small waist and massive hips. I just look awkward! I'm so afraid about going to formal. I will be wearing a bodycon black maxi dress with a slit for the leg, WHY OH WHY DID I CHOOSE THAT?! It was cheap.. I'm a cheap ****. But dang, I'm regretting it now. It isn't my formal though, so I just wanted something cheap and black so I could blend in. My friend, Hannah, is also going and dang, she is beautiful. The guy I'm going with even says she'll look better than me, and I know that and I'm so scared in case I look like an ugly sister beside a cinderella. http://imageshack.com/photo/my-images/18… (she's the blonde -look at those curves gurl, I'm the brunette.) She has a lot of curves, whereas I don't and it just looks strange. I'm thankful that I look completely different in photos also though. I look awful in real life. I get asked a lot if I photoshop myself in photos hah why thank you kind sir. But anyway, how do I make myself feel good for formal!? And look good? I'm getting a spray tan cuz i so white yo and I'm getting my makeup done and my hair and nails. Imma be as fake as Micheal jacksons death. jk I'm not one of those douches who believes that. I just don't feel good about it though. I am so nervous. Thank god my dress is black.. Imma be sh*tt*ng myself. o.o anywho, thank you for your help. I do appreciate all of it. P.s what hairstyle do you think I should go for? My dress ain't strapless, it's quite high neck with a bare back, so an updo would be best. Sorry, link didn't work above. This works: http://imageshack.com/photo/my-images/189/katnhannah.png/

  7. How would you wear your hair for prom for this dress?

    It's jovani 1531 in blush I'm open to anything up or down please help

  8. What makeup and hair should I wear to my prom?

    My dress is cobalt blue, full length and strapless. Sort of similar to this, but without the flower: http://www.shortdressesshop.com/full-length-strapless-chiffon-gown-al35418-p-8612.html I have tanned skin, long brown hair and blue eyes. Photos would be helpful, but you don't have to.

  9. What should i have my hair like for my prom ?

    i need a hairstyle for my prom i have got a metal tiara to put somewhere in my hair and my dress is turquoise thanks x!!

  10. How should I wear my hair for prom?

    First of all, this is my dress (in purple) http://www.morilee.com/Quinceanera/quinceanera_vizcaya/87022 So I am still debating whether I should wear it up or down, which is why I am here. I have brown medium/long hair. And side swept bangs. If I did an updo, I would be doing it myself so it would have to be fairly easy. I would prefer something that wouldn't involve curling my hair for the updo, but I am open to easy suggestions. If I wear my hair down, i would have it curled. Should I put it in a half pony? pull a little back? add a little pouf? Give me some suggestions, preferably with an easy to understand tutorial! thanks!