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Prom Hairstyles Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cute prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

    My hair is bright red, layered, wavy, and barely past my shoulders. I really hate curling it, but it's too short to really make a cute updo. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for prom hairstyles (or wedding hairstyles, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a month) thanks!

  2. What are some cute prom hairstyles for medium length hair?

    If anyone has any websites that would be helpful for this, I'm struggling with finding a preferably curly and down prom hairstyle. I might want some of it pulled up, though. Thanks!

  3. What are some prom hairstyles for someone with long hair and side bangs?

    I have long (to the bottom of my boobs), straight, blonde hair and side bangs. I'm trying to find some good prom hairstyles. Any suggestions?

  4. Anybody have any ideas for prom hairstyles?

    Can I get some prom hairstyle pictures? FRONT AND BACK VIEW PLEASE! I need to show my hair dresser exactly what I want. Thank you! I need a PICTURE so I can take it to my hair dresser and show her. I don't want a video tutorial because I can't take that to her.

  5. Pretty Prom hairstyles for a 13 year old?

    I am 13 and our 8th grade prom is coming up in April and I need a hairstyle. I have hair about 1 inch past my shoulders. My dress is strapless but i am going to put straps on it. My mom wants my hair in a ponytail, but I really dont want it that way. I really want it down, but it would look better up. A lot of girls are already going to have their hair in a side ponytail. I really need some really pretty Prom hairstyles.

  6. Where can I find prom hairstyles tutorials?

    I've been trying to find a website that has lots of pics of prom hairstyles and instructions on how to do it yourself, but I don't think it exists >.< Please help me! I really don't know what hairstyle to do and whenever I think I've found one I like, I have no idea how to do it :( Links appreciated :)

  7. Best website for prom hairstyles or any suggestions?

    What is the best site with pictures of prom hairstyles? my hair is thick and kinda long um and i was just wondering what style will look the best! thanks!

  8. Do you know what website I can get a prom hairstyle from?

    Okay soo I'm going to prom this Saturday and I still dont have a hair due for it. Do you know any websites with prom hairstyles?

  9. Where can I find cute prom hairstyles?

    I need good sites that have prom hairstyles.

  10. Where can I get a prom hairstyle YouTube link?

    I need a hairstyle for school prom hairstyle for Wednesday. I don't want a hairstyle that include curling my hair. Please help me out...